C-COAT™  thermal insulation…more than just “paint”

Save money and time with the power of nanotechnology.

Revolutionary C-COATTMceramic thermo-insulation was developed originally for the space program and now you can use it to enhance the thermal properties of:

Residential buildings

C-COAT™ liquid thermal insulation on both interior and exterior walls will save in overall maintenance and improve residents’ comfort

Commercial buildings and factories

C-COAT™ insulation can help save on running costs due to less demand for heating and air conditioning. Condensation and radiation properties reduce maintenance.

Industrial pipelines, tanks, cisterns and more

Insulate even the hardest-to-reach areas. C-COAT™ liquid heat insulation can be applied at high temperatures – no need to stop production

Innovative C-COATTM
The thermo-physical properties of C-COATTM differ substantially from those of traditional heat insulators.

The C-COATTM high-tensile, extra-fine coating formula consists of three parts: a water-based base, a large number of high-quality glass/ceramic air-filled microspheres and a reinforcing agent to provide elasticity

C-COAT™ Formula

The remarkable C-COAT™ formula allows for consistent distribution of the microspheres within the base and elastic polymers to allow for smooth, hassle-free application.

Use C-COATTM liquid insulation is ideal either to supplement traditional insulation methods or as a substitute. C-COATTM is an alternative, high-quality insulation for use in various areas and for multiple surface types that is particularly useful for high-temperature or hard to reach areas.

Use C-COATTM effectively for:

  • Walls of residential, commercial and factory buildings, both external and internal.
  • Metal hardware, hangars, garages, supporting structures, bridge pillars.
  • Pipelines for heating systems, steam and gas, air-conditioning systems, cold water (as C-COATTM reduces or prevents condensation) and, last but not least, oil, both for underground and above ground
  • Water heaters, boilers and heat exchangers.
  • Hot chemical mixing tanks.
  • Water tanks, chemical reservoirs, cisterns, cold storage.
  • Transportation vehicles, internal structural components, engine room, roofing.
  • Military equipment and other special-purpose structures.
  • Road and railway tankers used for transporting different types of liquids.
  • Ship’s powerhouse, board and internal structural components.
  • Railway locomotives, wagon insulation, etc.

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